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GenVind project presented for HRH Crown Prince Frederik and Environmental Minister Ida Auken

16. September Barsmark, SUNBY and Siemens Wind Power received distinguished visit from HRH Crown Prince Frederik and the Minister for the Environment Ida Auken during their stay in North Jutland, to learn more about Barsmark's environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products.

In cooperation with Siemens Wind Power A/S, Barsmark has organized a visit of approx. one and half hours duration, where the Crown Prince and the Minister for the Environment got an insight into modern production of wind turbine blades at Siemens' factory in eastern Aalborg. Siemens Wind Power presented their new 6 MW turbine which is able to supply 6000 households with electricity. Barsmark's subsidiary SUNBY present the company's efforts to recycle both end-of-life waste and production waste from blade production.

After the tour around the production site, the participants gathered at one of Siemens's new giant wings and Senior EHS Engineer Tine Herreborg Jørgensen told about how Siemens Wind Power has achieved a major reduction in CO2 equivalents in a live cycle perspective of the blades by: increasing energy out-put in the use phase, reducing the weight of the blade, reducing process materials and reducing energy consumption and waste generation in production. This also results in a reduced mass of blade waste for recycling in the end-of-life phase.

The GenVind Consortium was presented in great length, where the aim of the project was presented and all the partners and their specific roles within work packages were mentioned.

SUNBY's industrial designer Lars Wigh presented some prototypes of designer furniture, a skateboard and two scooters, all of which are carved directly out of a used blade, just as he told of SUNBY's targeted efforts to collect and recycle waste materials from the production of large blades. The prototypes quickly found use as Crown Prince and Minister of the Environment ran on separate scooters down to the waiting press (see picture).

To conclude the visit Paul-Erik Andersen (CEO of Barsmark) and Jan Kjærsgaard (CEO in EMEA, Simens Wind Power) offered a gift for both the Crown Prince and Minister of the Environment to thank them for their interest in the two companies.

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