Recycling of composite materials from the industry
Project funded by Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation

Recycling resin of in polyol

In corporation with Danish Technological Institute, VELUX has developed a method for recycling polyol from polyurethane extruded profiles.

In the production of polyurethane extruded profiles, for use in windows profiles, waste companies today handle the production waste from Velux.

Tests at Velux have demonstrated that, as a better alternative, it is possible to recycle and reuse the polyol material, by using a chemical separation process, glycolysis.

In the glycolysis process, the polyol is separated from the glass fibers.

Glycolysis proces:

Procedure for recycling the polyol materials in the glycolysis process:
  1. Damaged items and production wastes are crushed into smaller fractions of 2 - 3 cm length.
    Item before crushingCrushed fractions

  2. The crushed fractions are exposed to a combination of diethylenglycol and catalysator (EPILOX) at 180 °C (glycolysis process)

  3. In continuation of the glycolysis process, the glass fibers are separated from the recycled polyol. The recycled polyol can now be mixed with virgin polyol materials in amounts up to 30 %. The recycled glass fibers are not possible to reuse.

    Glasfiber residuesRecycled polyol, possible to mix with virgin polyol materials in amounts up to 30%

Next steps.
Until now, tests has been in laboratory-scale. In next steps, possibilities in upscaling to production-scale is explored.

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