Recycling of composite materials from the industry
Project funded by Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation


Recycling of resin in polyol

In corporation with Danish Technological Institute, VELUX has developed a method for recycling polyol from polyurethane extruded profiles.

Tests at Velux have demonstrated that, as a better alternative, it is possible to recycle and reuse the polyol material, by using a chemical separation process, glycolysis.

Read more about it here

Michael Lei, Teknologisk Institut

GenVind seminar 2016

The first meeting in the planning of a GenVind seminar in the beginning of 2016 were held at 25 June 2015. In the meeting, The Danish Plastics Federation, Danish Technological Institute and FORCE Technology participated. The work continues with a draft for the program, finding the finally date and selecting the segments the seminar is going to be addressed to. The next meeting is held at 8 September 2015.

Marianne Lund Madsen, FORCE Technology

20th International Conference on Composite Materials

For the twentieth time the conference, ICCM (International Conference on Composite Materials) were arranged, this time in Copenhagen, from the 19.-24. July 2015. In the conference, approximately 1,800 participated with the possibility to follow 22 tracks of presentations with different subjects during the week. At the conference Justine Beauson, DTU Wind Energy, had a presentation titled “Thermoset composite recycling: Tensile strength properties of the recovered glass fiber”. Furthermore, Hülya U. Sokoli, Aalborg University, had a presentation titled “Microwave induced degradation of glass fiber reinforced polyester for fiber and resin recovery”. In addition to the participation of Justine Beauson and Hülya U. Sokoli, Povl Brøndsted and Jacob Ilsted Bech from DTU Wind Energy, Jens Henriksen and Marianne Lund Madsen from FORCE Technology participated the conference.

Marianne Lund Madsen, FORCE Technology

Annual meeting in the composite section 2015

At the 18 June 2015, the annual meeting in the composite section under The Danish Plastics Federation were held at Hindsgavl Slot in Middelfart. At the meeting Marianne Lund Madsen, FORCE Technology, had a presentation titled “GenVind – Genbrug af kompositmaterialer fra industrien” (a general presentation about GenVind). Additionally, Benedikte Jørgensen from Fiberline Composites, Povl Brøndsted from DTU Wind Energy, Jacob Boultrup and Karin Magelund Møller from LM Wind Power participated in the meeting.

Marianne Lund Madsen, FORCE Technology

Dismantling of a test blade

During the spring supplementary dismantling were performed by Jens Henriksen and Marianne Lund Madsen from FORCE Technology. The main purpose was to get available material (larger pieces) to work with in the different task groups. As seen in the picture, the blade contained carbon fibres.

Marianne Lund Madsen, FORCE Technology

Work group meeting on recycled fibre and recycled resin held on 12 March 2015 at DTU Risø campus

The participants were: Aalborg University, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Contec, Force Technology, the Danish Technological Institute, Siemens Wind Power and LM Wind Power.
Results were presented on the supercritical fluids process and the mechanical properties of recycled glass fibre.
DTU also presented their results on glass fiber sizing and the techniques used to characterise it.
Contec presented and explained about concrete reinforced with glass fibres.
The group discussed reuse of recovered glass fibre in concrete and the possibilities of reusing recovered resin.
The meeting ended with a tour of the lab facilities.

Justine Beauson, DTU Wind Energy

Quarterly meetings in the work groups

The first meetings in working groups 3 ('Granulate fragments from crushing') and 4 ('Dust powder/grinding dust/production residues') were held on 17 December 2014 at the Danish Technological Institute in Aarhus. Agenda items included presentations of new results by the partners involved and lively sparring and discussion of challenges as well as new ideas and possibilities for collaboration. The next quarterly meetings in work groups 3 and 4 will be held on 25 March 2015.

Sofie Kastbjerg, Danish Technological Institute

DTU International Energy Report 2014

Justine Beauson and Povl Brøndsted participated in the writing of the DTU International Energy Report 2014 about the drivers and the barriers for a higher shares of wind in the global power generation mix. The chapter number 13 is dedicated to the recycling of wind turbines, GenVind is mentioned.

The report can be downloaded from this address:

Justine Beauson, DTU Wind Energy

Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture 2014

For the fifth time the conference, Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture, war arranged in Düsseldorf from the 1.-3. December 2014. At the conference Povl Brøndsted, DTU Wind Energy, had a presentation titled “The influence of resin consolidation on curing cycles in the shrinkage and residual stresses in wind turbine blades”. Furthermore, Jakob Ilsted Bech, DTU Wind Energy, had a joint presentation with ZOLTEK, USA titled “Thick uni-directional composite testing for wind blades”. In addition to the participation of Povl Brøndsted and Jakob Ilsted Bech, Jens Henriksen, Per Bo Ludwigsen and Marianne Lund Madsen from FORCE Technology participated the conference.

Marianne Lund Madsen, FORCE Technology

Recycling must be cost-effective

In this month’s issue of the Danish polymer journal ’Plast Panorama’, an article about GENVIND, and recycling in a broader sense, is featured. The article deals with many subjects of current interest related to the fact that we need to recycle more. One central message is that in order for the effort with recycling to have a real impact on a national level, technology must be coupled with business models. Recycling must be cost-effective.

The author of the article is Sofie Kastbjerg, consultant and Ph.D, Centre for Plastics Technology at the Danish Technological Institute.

Read the article here (in Danish): Plastpanorama, December 2014, page 14-19

Nanna Studinski, the Danish Technological Institute

Future resource economics – a technological development

GenVind is outlined in a section about reutilisation of wind turbines in new products in an informative article for the GTS institute. Head of Section, Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, from The Danish Technological Institute and Technical Vice President, Per Bo Ludwigsen, from FORCE Technology are quoted.

Read the article here:

The article is in Danish.

Marianne Lund Madsen, FORCE Technology

GenVind was on the program at the GTS annual meeting 2014

The minister for Higher Education and Science, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, mentioned implicit GenVind in her speech at the GTS annual meeting 2014 in Copenhagen.

See the whole speech at:

Currently, the speech is only available in Danish.

Marianne Lund Madsen, FORCE Technology

Reutilisation of glass fibres in noise deflection walls

It is not only GenVind, which as focus on the reutilisation of wind turbine blades. A young entrepreneur has just received a foundation for the development of a method to reutilise glass fibres as granules in noise deflection walls.

Read the entire article at:

Marianne Lund Madsen, FORCE Technology

Lecture at the Danish Technological Institute

On 11 November 2015, the Danish Technological Institute welcomed 36 students from the Technical University of Denmark in Ballerup to give a lecture on materials science. During the session, Jesper Vastrup Knudsen, Senior Consultant, gave an introduction to the GENVIND project, including raison d’être, project participants, challenges and a general talk about recycling of polymers and composite materials. The lecture went on to focus on the challenges of recycling reinforced thermosetting plastic materials with separation of fibre and matrix materials, handling, chemistry, surfaces etc., as well as the possible areas of application of products made from shredded fractions. Also, Jesper presented different cases from the project and encouraged a discussion with the students. Samples of shredded fiber fractions were also presented, and challenges and possibilities discussed.

Jesper Vastrup Knudsen, the Danish Technological Institute

Cutting and fracturing of wind turbine blades

In the last year, experiments have been carried out on cutton up various types of wind turbine blades, using various types of tools.

After cutting up the blade in large sections, the parts are cut into suitable pieces for the other participants in the project.

Other material parts are fractured so the material can be passed on for further processing and testing.

Tom Ellegaard, Averhoff A/S

Reuse of shredded composite in new polymer composite

The aim of this project is to reuse the shredded composite from wind turbine blades in new polymer composite. The shredded composite received from FORCE Technology consists of long glass fibers, bundles of fibers agglomerated with matrix, cluster of short fibers and a fine fraction of very short fibers. The shredded composite is separated into fractions by agitating the material in a sieve, characterized and then reused as reinforcement in new composite. Vacuum infusion is used to create these new composite plates with polyester as matrix. The plates are processed with 10, 20 and 30 wt% of reinforcement. Finally some tensile tests are conducted in order to compare the stiffness and strength of the different plates.

Download here (warning: 117 MB file)

Justine Beauson, DTU Vindenergi

Degradation of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin

Aalborg University Esbjerg has in their laboratory degraded carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin using a 280 mL batch reactor. On the pictures, Hülya U. Sokoli, the Ph.D. student in GenVind, is preparing the reactor for an experiment (left) and shows the results of the experiment on the right picture. As it can be observed, it is possible to break down the epoxy resin completely to a black oil-like substance, thus recovering the fibers free of resin in their surfaces. This is just one of many experiments Aalborg University Esbjerg have made the past 15 months.

Hülya U. Sokoli and Erik G. Søgaard, Aalborg University Esbjerg

New initiatives to enhance knowledge sharing

A new work structure was presented at the steering committee meeting on the 9th of October 2014. The focus of the structure is cross-disciplinary work groups, covering the whole value chain within the various material fractions. The new structure should contribute to a better coordination and knowledge sharing from the raw materials/fractions to pre-treatment, processing and the final demonstration products.

Marianne Lund Madsen, FORCE Technology

Mid-term evaluation seminar at Siemens Wind Power A/S on the 9th of October 2014

The purpose of the evaluation was for the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation to evaluate the progress and perspectives of the project regarding the defined milestones. On the agenda were the challenges, expectations and priorities in retrospect and henceforth on the project. The evaluation is based on a self-evaluation and a survey, which is summarized in an evaluation report

Marianne Lund Madsen, FORCE Technology

From grinding dust to paint filler

PPG Industries (former Dyrup A/S) and the Danish Technological Institute have initiated a study of the effects of using grinding dust from wind turbine blades and composite profiles as filler in paints. By using fractions of grinding dust of less than 90 µm, a homogeneous mixture is achieved simply by means of stirring. During test coatings, it has been observed that the composite particles are very well dispersed which is promising for the properties of the tested paint systems.

Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, Danish Technological Institute

Injection moulding of recycled composites

Comfil ApS, FORCE Technology and the Danish Technological Institute have initiated a study looking into the possibilities of recycling thermoplastic LPET/GF composites with a glass content of approx 40 w%. Initial injection moulding tests have been carried out with a mixture of virgin and recycled material. Based on the results of the tests, we see a need to look further into temperature profiles and mixing ratio.

Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, Danish Technological Institute

Initial moulding tests with composite fractions in high performance concrete

Contec ApS has carried out the first moulding tests in high performance concrete with composite fractions supplied by Averhoff A/S. Fibre fractions of 0.5 w% were used during initial mouldings of standard prisms, which were subsequently submitted to bending and compression property testing in Contec ApS’ laboratories according to EN 196 (methods of testing cement). The results show a need for better control of the interface between factions/fibres and cement.

Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, Danish Technological Institute

Separation of dust fractions from processing of composites

The Danish Technological Institute has collected and tested composite grinding dust from production sites at Siemens Wind Power, Fiberline Composites and LM Wind Power. Using a fine mesh sieve, the grinding dust has been separated into several size fractions from 2.5 mm to 35 µm aiming at various uses of the separated fractions. Composite fractions of less than 35 µm cannot be separated using conventional manual sieving technique.

Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, Danish Technological Institute

Infusion testing with shredded composite fractions

FORCE Technology has successfully carried out initial tests with shredding of fibreglass materials into fractions of a suitable size for infusion testing. TUCO Marine A/S and the Danish Technological Institute prepare to implement infusion testing using composite fractions in combination with virgin materials. The objective is to look into achievable material properties and evaluate the suitability in terms of lightweight constructions for ships.

Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, Danish Technological Institute

20th International Conference on Composite Materials - ICCM20 2015

Date: July 19-24, 2015
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Program and registration here

Nanna Svendsen, FORCE Technology

Wind Farm Development: European Offshore 2014

Date: April 9-10, 2014
Location: Aberdeen, UK

Program and registration here

Nanna Svendsen, FORCE Technology

Plastics Recycling Conference

Date: March 11-12, 2014
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Program and registration here

Dennis Denton, GPEC 2014 Organizer

The first major event for the Circular Economy

Date: 4.-6. Marts, 2014
Location: ExCeL, London, UK

Program and registration here

Tine Herreborg Jørgensen, Siemens Wind Power A/S

Temadag: Nye anvendelser af plastkompositter til industrielle produkter

Tid: 22. oktober, 2013
Sted: FORCE Technology, Park Allé 345, 2605 Brøndby

Tid: 31. oktober, 2013
Sted: FORCE Technology, Navervej 1, 6600 Vejen

Program og tilmelding her

Daniela Bach, FORCE Technology

GenVind project presented for HRH Crown Prince Frederik and Environmental Minister Ida Auken

16. September Barsmark, SUNBY and Siemens Wind Power received distinguished visit from HRH Crown Prince Frederik and the Minister for the Environment Ida Auken during their stay in North Jutland, to learn more about Barsmark's environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products.

More information here

Romain Sacchi, SUNBY ApS &
Tine Herreborg Jørgensen, Siemens Wind Power A/S

Invitation til besøg hos LM Wind Powers Technology Center

Du inviteres hermed til et besøg hos LM Wind Powers Technology Center, som indeholder en række faciliteter til test og validering af vindmøllevinger. Der vil blive mulighed for at besøge vindtunnellen, som bidrager til udvikling af vinger med optimale aerodynamiske egenskaber, så vinden udnyttes optimalt.

Tid: Torsdag den 3. oktober 2013, kl. 10.00 – 13.00
Sted: LM Wind Power, Vingen 1, DK-6640 Lunderskov – ved Brand Centeret
Yderligere information her

Tanja Bødker Pedersen, Plast Center Danmark


International conference and exhibition on wind blade composites design, manufacturing and markets

Tid: 3-5 December, 2013
Sted: Maritim Hotel, Düsseldorf, Tyskland
Kontaktinformation her

Nanna Svendsen, FORCE Technology

Design for the End of Life of Fibre Reinforced Composite Materials

Tid: 25. september, 2013
Sted: Chesterfield, UK
Kontaktinformation her

Jakob Ilsted Bech, DTU Wind Energy

Materialedagen 2013 - UPCYCLING ’N’ RECYCLING
IDA & Dansk Selskab for Materialeteknologi, DSM.

Tid: Torsdag 13. juni 2013, kl. 12.30 - 16.50
Sted: Design Society, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 27, 1553 København V.
Program og tilmelding her

Marianne Strange, FORCE Technology

Artiklen “Gamle vindmøllevinger kan genanvendes i støjskærme” i Miljønyt. Læs her

Marian Kjærgaard, Vestas

Conference on Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials 21 – 22 November 2012 at Hotel Britannia, Torvegade 24, 6700 Esbjerg.

Nanna Svendsen, FORCE Technology

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