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Reuse of used blades

Dismantling of blades from end-of-service-life turbines to be used for new turbines

Reuse of blades from end-of-service-life turbines is a way to utilize the full value of the blades. However, it requires substantial documentation of the blade in order to have it certified for a new turbine.

The process steps to reuse the blade will be proper dismantling (by following producer specific guidelines), transport and installation of the blade. The cost of transporting over-sized blades within an reasonable distance will be in the range of 10.000DKK. Transport over longer distances will depend on region, size of blade etc.

Reusing the old blades for new turbines has the potential to be a valuable activity and will extend the life time of the blade. Different tools for trade of used blades exists such as the e-platform ‘’ ‘’ and ‘’

However, ensuring a blade of the right size, quality and with the desired life time can be a barrier to overcome.

From an environmental perspective this will probably be the most beneficial activity as it utilizes the embedded energy and resources for a longer period – thereby increasing the resource efficiency of the product

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