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Special items reshaped from blades

Cutting waste-blades for special items such as tables, scooters or fences.

  • Potentially all end-of-life products can be utilized.
  • Utilized the characteristics of the material.
  • May be difficult to streamline the process due to differences in the product.
The resize/reshape of end-of-life glass fiber reinforced thermoset plastics consists of dismantling and using partial or the entire structure to produce various items such as tables, scooters or construction materials.

The resize/reshape activity does not require that much energy as it utilizes the characterics of the material that is strong and weathering and erosion resistant. Several different objects can be made with relative high value through this ‘upcycling’ process. The cost of transporting over-sized blades within an reasonable distance will be in the range of 10.000DKK.

However, there are several things to consider, when making special items.
  1. The fiber content has an important impact on the processing costs as a high glass fiber content (60-65%) will require diamond-like carbon coating on the equipment, which raises costs and time consumption.
  2. The dimensions and ease of access may make it difficult to cut the desired parts and specialized equipment (e.g. circular saws on rail, remote-controlled water cutting) may be needed.
  3. Health and safety precautions may need to be taken, when processing large-scale items as well as handling micro particles of glass from dust.
The activity replaces use of virgin materials for new products and the process steps to have a final product is within a reasonable level.

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